Boko Haram Victims

 The importance of Psychosocial and Psychological support in fighting the prevalence of Post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the insurgency, Kidnappings and vandalization crisis in our societies cannot be over emphasized. Psychosocial support plays an important part in the instruction and recovery process of victims of crisis. They contain detailed materials on current topics and are designed to facilitate mental health development and knowledge acquisition. In many developing countries, the availability and access to psychosocial and psychological support, assessment diagnosis and counseling, and other supporting materials are severely limited. Poor quality psychosocial support and health education leaves a legacy of illiteracy and a non-productive population.


The idea behind the National Psychosocial support summit walk and other activities is to create the much needed awareness about issues surrounding quality mental health education in Nigeria. The Walk showcases our commitment to mental health education development in Nigeria and the psychosocial support importance in managing crisis.




This important event aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To raise Psychosocial support Materials, secured identification cards for 1Million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and Psychological support for the Security Operatives in the North East. That will be distributed to IDPs in camps/Communities and Security Agencies involved in North East crisis management especially those at the front line of engagement.


  • To create awareness about the importance of psychosocial support in mental health priority placement in the health sector.


  • To engage in Capacity building and training of both the internally displaced persons and the members of the Armed Forces and the Nigerian Prisons Services


  • To form partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the mental health, Drugs & Substance abuse sector.





The main goal of the event is to move closer to the achievement of the vision of building a mentally healthy society where the quality of society improves as mental health awareness and Psychosocial support are supported and given priority in the health sector thereby


Creating a medium in which the significance of Psychosocial support system will be unlocked as a result of the availability of learning resources.


The organisers of this important initiative greatly acknowledge and salute your organisation’s support and contribution to promoting mental health and psychosocial educational development in Nigeria and would be very honoured if you could consider supporting the event. We know Corporate Social Responsibility is at the depth of your heart. We also know that as part of your corporate social responsibility and as well as eco-friendliness and community development, you engage in a number of capacity building programmes and other Community Based Programmes which supports health education in Nigeria.

The event which is supported by The Federal Ministry of Health and Education, Care4Heroes Initiative, Federal  Nuero Psychiatrist Hospitals etc, attracts stakeholders from both public and Private Sector to include, Government agencies, Musicians, Actors and Actresses, support agencies, and other development institutions throughout the country.


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