Today we are asking you – – to help save the life of this great man and his family.

There is hardly anybody that studied in Methodist High School Okitipupa, Ondo state, Nigeria between 1983 till 1990 that would not have held about (Egbe omo oduduwa theatre Group) the. Is was a theatre group that I founded and this great man peter itiolu was a co-founder and prominent actor, then He used to act as a King messenger (Akoda)...

This great man was a renowned comedian at all time, we did not only perform, and thus we acted side by side in EWI Cultural displayed which was also founded by me

In those days, We won many awards during the cultural display for our beloved school: MHS, our relationship did not end there, we both joined another theatre group outside the school which was then known as (Akunleyan theatre Group) Since I left MHS for Ofedepe Comprehensive High School, Okitipupa, Ondo state, Nigeria, joined celestial Church of Christ, graduated, relocated for Lagos and eventually travelled abroad never set my eyes on Him

Until last year 2013, my Hearts melted when I saw Him and his family in the most shocking state my heart broken and one thing that came to my mind was that, another cross has arisen to be carried

No one seemingly cares about Him and his sister, they go about unclean and tattered and hungry, they compete with rodents and insects, salvaging nutrients from spoils left in garbage bins so as to sustain life.

Perils set upon them like germs of an infested wound and frequently, they are the victims of taunts and physical attacks from ill-bred children and un-discretionary adults alike.

They seek shelter from nature in no different ways than stray goats, pigs and dogs, spending nights on shop and in abandoned buildings. Forsaken by families and friends their situations garner only a picayune form of assistance. Again, these are citizens of our land; born, bred and grown on Ikale, Nigeria soil.

In a society of so many worshipers and believers to various faiths and denominations, a simple miracle of understanding, of compassion and love is for what this appeal is designed.

To those who know them, We cannot continue to give a “blind eye” and “turn our noses up” with deliberate scorn to the delirious and squalid and inhumane conditions of Mr Peter and His family and those who are mentally challenged that live on the streets. Do the religious doctrines not encompass those who fall from grace?

It is fundamental that a tragedy case like this need a case review which needs to be undertaken carefully to identify all the avenues that could be explored that might lead to new re-gain of life and practical rehabilitation

To those who know Mr Peter Itiolu and His family, in whatever little way, in whatever little difference, their conditions must now speak to our conscience in a timeless and intimate way.

One thing that may quickly come to the mind of some certain reader is that they have been caught by their own nemesis or that their case may have been attributed to devil or evil possession!

If you are of this view, my prayer is that, may God help you out of the destructive ignorance being trapped and embrace change! This is the new mentality that you need. This change must start from within our hearts and transcend to genuine acts of care and kindness towards the mentally challenge street people. We must be mindful that there is only a thin line between sanity and insanity and at times the same fate may await us all.

Such mentality can dissipate with public education. Addressing the opening of the Institute of African Studies in October 25, 1963 Ghana’s first President, Kwame Nkrumah stated the following on education:

“Education consists not only in the sum of what a man knows, or the skill with which he can put this to his own advantage. A man’s education must also be measured in terms of the soundness of his judgement of people and things, and in his power to understand and appreciate the needs of his fellow-men, and to be of service to them. The educated man should be so sensitive to the conditions around him that he makes it is chief endeavour to improve those conditions for the good of all.”

Mr Peter and His family need our love and care! The fact that, He and his family have not been given a comprehensive support and up to date medical treatments, thus their case cannot be said to be untreatable and hopeless

We, Carry My Cross live in hope that our beloved: Peter and family will be rehabilitated and returned to the community. Prayer, advice and medical support might be all that they needed to regain their life and your prayer; idea and support may be what will make the breakthrough happen

Having successfully lunched our monthly Public Neuro Psychiatric Specialist Hospital Support Program on the 13 January 2014 as a first stage of our vision in supporting the mentally challenged in Nigeria

Indeed, whilst our program of supporting the Neuro-psychiatric Specialist Hospitals is on-going on monthly basis, the case of saving Mr Peter and family rehabilitation program will be a case test for our vision of ridding of the street the mentally challenged people in Nigeria

Mental Illness is a medical condition that at best can be cured, but mainly can only be treated. We need not despise the very people our morality should guide us to protect.

As a Christian, our core values of Christianity is shaped and embedded in (Love and Mercy) henceforth, let us all practice the virtues of brotherhood and love by supporting Mr Peter and His family

Let us give true meaning to the aforementioned credence and pool our resources to take them to Neuro-Psychiatric Specialist Hospital, a place of safety and care for the Mr Peter and His family and the mentally challenge people among us and those in particular that live on the streets.

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