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Carry my cross has three main objectives which we believe will make the biggest difference in the lives of the abandoned and neglected mentally challenged people walking nakedly in Ondo state of Nigeria 1) Mental Health Hospital Carry My Cross rescues, cares for, and offers hope to the mentally challenged people at risk in Ondo State of Nigeria These are the people who have been neglected, abandoned or abused, are victims of broken society or disease and are walking naked on the street not that they enjoyed doing so but because of their illness. CMC is committed to making lasting improvements to these mentally challenged lives, endeavouring to care for them by providing for their needs, by rescuing them out of the street, supporting the Hospital with needed facilities so that they can get treatments for their illness, educating the public against stigma appalling and rehabilitates the out-patients and developing their sense of self worth and restoring their dignity. CMC uses literature, posters, flyer, campaign, Blogs, Social Medial, publication, conference, workshop and visual presentations to help inform and educate people from all walks of life regarding the effects of stigmatisation, abandonment, poverty, and the lack of adequate education and health care, have on the mentally Challenged people. CMC aims to be a conduit of good-will encouraging public involvement in seeking and providing solutions that will improve the lives of children in crisis. We believe that with sponsors we have the ability to make a lasting difference in Street Mentally challenged lives by investing our time, abilities and resources, by becoming ambassadors, and where possible, to enter into a personal relationship with the Mentally Challenged through Street rescue mission sponsorship Our fact finding mission discovered that most people admitted in the hospital died not as a result of their illness but because of lack of food and thereby helping them to get food in other for them to get medicine and recovered from their illness 2) HEALTH PROJECTS •CMC UK provides a variety of health initiatives designed to help changing the beliefs that mental health hospital is a dead trap zone and prison by the family of the mentally challenged people.. Such initiatives include: health education programmes, equipping health centres, the provision of health officers, medication and clean water. 3) INTERGRATION OF OUT-PATIENT INTO COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION PROJECTS At the policy level in Nigeria, mental illness till today is classified along with other disabilities by the government, making it difficult to access resources, thus at present, the only programmes that exist for mentally ill person in the community are limited to identification of cases and medical treatment. Yet, there are not even enough medicines, facilities and places to train personnel, if they are project to rehabilitate mentally ill persons CMC are committed to ensure the provision of a program to assists out-patient mentally ill clients through the provision of a family respite and education, as well as • Prevocational/Vocational • Family education and support education • Family support and rehabilitation program In addition, provide opportunities to equip out-patient mentally challenged with knowledge and skills.

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Carry My Cross is founded to prevent the inhumane treatments of mental Health challenged in Nigeria.

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